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Twisted Dreadlocks

For all your dreadlock needs


Experience the care and dedication that comes with a passion for dreadlocks. I'm thrilled to welcome you to the Twisted Dreadlocks family, where we put customer satisfaction and individuality above all else.

If you have a moment please have a look at our shop in the "more' section of the menu where you will find regularly added Dreadlocks accessories. :-)

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Keeping your dreadlocks looking their best requires regular maintenance, and that’'s where I come in. It is recommended to have a maintenance every 3-4 months or longer with more mature dreadlocks, or again depending on your specific requirements.  Your roots and lengths will be checked and tightened with a crochet needle. We will also discuss the care and self maintenance of your locks.

natural dreadlocks

Natural Dreadlocks

Looking for natural dreadlocks without the use of extensions? Look no further. The process starts with sectioning the hair to the desired size and then using  backcombing and crochet method to create each dreadlock. Whether you have shoulder-length hair or shorter, I can create your dream dreadlocks.
Natural dreadlocks can also be partial dreads (these will need extensions most of the time) and also dreadhawks which are becoming a favourite for loads.

natural dreadlocks with extensions

Dreadlock Extensions

I am dedicated to helping you achieve the dreadlocks of your dreams. I offer a range of extension options, including human hair extensions to lengthen your natural dreadlocks and custom braided dreadlocks. I'll work with you every step of the way to ensure your new extensions blend seamlessly with your existing locks. Schedule a consultation today and discover how I can help you achieve your desired look.



Image by Pierre Herman

Rebecca M

We visited Natalie a few weeks ago for the first time and she was absolutely fab. We chatted away like old friends for hours and her work is of an amazing quality and speed :)



I went to Natalie because I had a really bad experience at a salon in Chelmsford. Natalie rescued me. We started from scratch and she has worked miracles. I've just been for a little maintenance and I think she's wonderful. Lovely lady to deal with and put me right at ease. I'd give her a 10 if I could, excellent service.

Jane L

Natalie is an absolute treasure, she really loves her work and never fails to make the client feel at ease. Excellent service making and maintaining my dreads. Would highly recommend.


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